Listen Your Way to Immediate Pain Relief 

... even if you think it won't work      

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Listen Your Way to Pain Relief

... even if you think it won't work       

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Relief with Peace Audio Bundle

Can Simply Listening Really Help Relieve Pain?
The answer is ...YES!

Pain is not just physical, it's also mental and emotional. The perception of pain can be significantly changed with mood, thoughts and stress.

Volumes of research in proven science has shown that guided meditation and mindfulness practices can dramatically modulate pain receptors in the body providing a natural, easy way to reduce symptoms of pain without medication

I know this to be true in my own personal experience of relieving the pain of rheumatoid arthritis naturally and in helping so many of my clients release pain too. 

It IS possible to relieve pain without medications and with the Relief With Peace audio bundle, you too can begin relieving pain naturally TODAY!


Here's How the 
Relief With Peace System Works

Peaceful Mind

Replace old belief patterns which may be contributing to pain by reprogramming your brain with 108 affirmations to ease pain and promote wellness.

Peaceful Body

This calming guided meditation helps relax the body by directing attention in a peaceful and loving full body scan, down-regulating the perception of pain.

Peaceful Heart

The heart is the master communicator in the body. Focusing the breath on the heart while feeling positive emotions quickly creates peace and calm, emotions that are associated with helping to lessen pain. 

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Relief With Peace 
Audio Bundle Today!

Well hello! I'm Jane Hogan, The "Wellness Engineer" and 
Natural Pain Relief Expert. 

I've helped many others and I'd like to help you too. 

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